Upgrade Your Ride & Lower Your Payment

Demand for quality, pre-owned vehicles has never been higher. Our need for such vehicles means that there's a good chance you can upgrade to a new Toyota & keep your same payment or possibly lower your payment with no money out of pocket 

Here at Tony Divino Toyota, we are always trying to upgrade our pre-owned inventory with late model, low mileage vehicles. We know that the best supply we have are the ones we sold to our customers, because we know how you have taken care of them!

Many who are eligible for an upgrade choose one of our exclusive $0 Down Lease & purchase programs. 

You can start the process by completing our convenient online trade value form. It's quick & easy! We can also provide you with a full equity report today!

Peoples needs are continuously changing and we can help you make your vehicle needs change with your lifestyle.

To take advantage of the vehicle exchange program, contact our VIP Coordinator at  801-394-5701

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