Toyota Multipoint Inspection in Riverdale Utah

Here at Tony Divino Toyota, we know that regular maintenance is essential to obtaining the highest level of performance, safety and reliability from your vehicle. It can also increase your vehicle's resale value. With proper maintenance and care, your vehicle will last longer and deliver more dependable, economical performance. In addition to scheduled maintenance, your vehicle requires ongoing general maintenance such as fluid checks and visual inspection. Following the manufacturer's recommendations will allow you to enjoy maximum reliability and peace of mind from your Toyota for years to come.

When you bring in your vehicle for service, our staff will provide you with a Mutli-point inspection form to review. The form will include the report of the visual inspection, with the condition of the items listed below. The red, yellow & green boxes on the form indicate the service recommendation that may be needed to keep your vehicle operating safely. Red indicates that an item may require immediate attention, Yellow indicates that it may require attention in the near future & Green indicates that the items are OK at this time.

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  • Horn operation
  • Headlights/ tail lights/ turn signals/ brake lights/ hazard warning lights/ exterior lamps (check for damage and operation)
  • Windshield wiper and washer operation
  • Windshield glass
  • Fuel tank cap gasket
  • Dome light/ amp light/ dimmer combination meter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Parking brake operation
Under Hood
  • Air filter
  • Battery condition (Cables/ clamps/ corrosion)
  • Battery state of health
  • Cooling system (leaks)
  • Drive belts (cracks/ damage/ wear)
  • Radiator core/ air conditioning condenser (if equipped)
  • Oil level
  • Windshield washer
  • Coolant
  • Power steering (if equipped)
  • Brake reservoir
  • Clutch reservoir (if equipped)
  • Transmission/ trans-axle
  • Differential
  • Transfer case (4WD models)
Under Vehicle
  • Propeller/ Drive-shaft (damage/ leaks/ U-joints)
  • Drive/ CV shaft (damage/ leaks/ boots)
  • Axle boots hub & bearing (damage/ leaks/ noise)
  • Steering linkage (damage/ leaks/ worn components)
  • Shock absorbers/ suspension (damage/ leaks/ worn components)
  • Fluid leaks (engine/ transmission/ differential)
  • Exhaust system (damage/ leaks/ corrosion)
  • Fuel lines & connections/ fuel tanks bands/ fuel tank
  • Vapor vent system hoses (damage/ leaks/ corrosion)
  • Tread depth
  • Tire damage/abnormal wear
  • Rims/ wheels/ lug nuts
  • Tires rotated
  • Brake lining
  • Brake lines/ hoses/ parking cable
  • Discs/ drums/ calipers/ wheel cylinders