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Get Your Oil Filter Changed in Riverdale, UT

Drivers from all over the Riverdale, UT area and beyond deserve the best automotive assistance possible and we here at Tony Divino Toyota aim to please! There are a lot of components to your vehicle that are important, some big and some small, and the oil filter is certainly important. 


Is changing my oil filter really that important?

Yes! The function of the oil filter in your vehicle is to protect your engine from premature wear by catching and removing debris in the oil that accumulates over time. This is caused by tiny bits of metal which break off from the inside of various parts of the engine. 

The filter keeps them from circulating through the oil and causing further damage. So having a clean filter is critical for this function. 

How often should I get my oil changed?

Getting your oil filter changed is important to do regularly and, for most vehicles, you should replace the oil filter every other time you get your oil changed. Of course, if you drive under more harsh conditions such as constant stop-and-go traffic, towing heavy loads, or in extreme high or low temperatures, you should get the oil filter changed more often, perhaps even every time you get your oil changed.

If you have any questions about your oil filter and how often you should have it replaced, please contact us here at Tony Divino Toyota serving the greater Ogden, Layton, Salt Lake City, and Logan UT areas. Our skilled experts will give you the information you need to help you make the right decisions for your beloved ride.



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